Ten useful facts about me:
  1. I'm a journalist based out of Medicine Hat, Alberta.
  2. I cover education, and anything and everything that needs to be covered for the Medicine Hat News. Alongside reporting I write my own science column because science is ridiculously awesome. I also write editorials. On various occasions these editorials have gotten me yelled at by people. So I must be doing something right.
  3. Apparently people like what I do. That's why I have multiple awards, including for Best Environmental Writing from Newspapers Canada's Canadian Community Newspaper Awards.
  4. When I'm not working for the paper, I'm writing extremely important and insightful posts over at my blog Pegomancy.com
  5. And by extremely important and insightful posts, I mean rambling and silly observations that would otherwise drive me mad if they stayed pent up in my brain.
  6. For more of that, you should tune into my twitter account @pegspirate — it's how I entertain the masses. Okay, the few people who think I'm neat.
  7. I like making things pretty. Layout and copyediting are my friends.
  8. I love Pancakes.
  9. I'm awesome at making wicked cool lists like this.
  10. You should pay me to write stuff for you.